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Lost in the Landscape

13th Jul 18 – 11th Aug 18

| An exhibition of digital collage and mono prints by Carolyn Hird=Rogers

'Lost’, a winter project: "During the winter months 2017-18 my attention was drawn to the many abandoned gloves, usually alone without their partner, seen around the streets and parks of Skipton. I was struck by how lonely and un-loved they looked, lying in the gutter or trampled into the mud. I started documenting them, photographing them, noting their location. Most were dark and gloomy, but every so often there would be a patch of bright colour, cheerful and happy in their predicament, optimistically draped over a railing or balanced on a stick, hoping to catch their owners eye and to once more snuggle up to their pair."

‘In the Landscape’, a spring and summer project: "Inspired by the dramatic landscape, colours and quality of light of the Dales and Moors National Parks, plus an interest in 1950s Scandinavian pattern design has led to the development of this new body of original landscape images."

Lost in the Landscape


There are no upcoming exhibitions. Between exhibitions, Mill Bridge Gallery showcases and sells a diverse range of photography and sculpture by a number of local artists


Capturing the Moment

9th Jun 18 – 7th Jul 18

A solo exhibition by Craven Artist Mike Smith, featuring a number of his recent reduction lino-prints which reflect his many interests. Each captures a momentary coming together of disparate elements and perspectives.

Capturing the Moment

The Celestial landscape

5th May 18 – 2nd Jun 18


An exploration of heavenly Yorkshire landscapes in monoprint, linocut and bronze by Artist/printmaker Helen Peyton and sculptor Mark Butler.

The Celestial landscape


31st Mar 18 – 28th Apr 18

| In the first of a series of exhibitions in collaboration with Craven Arts, Bridget Tempest is showing series of lithographs inspired by French poet Yves Bonnefoy’s 1972 prose work, The Arriere-pays.

As described by Harry Eyres, “ The arriere-pays for Bonnefoy is not somewhere you could find on a map, but a place that might have been, or might still be: it is the land that lurks around the corner, just beyond the end of the road, or down the road you did not take”


Prague Marionettes come to Mill Bridge Gallery

9th Dec 17 – 10th Dec 17

Lenka and George of praguemarionette.com visit Skipton for the weekend bringing some of their amazing creations and the spirit of a Czech Christmas to the gallery. Lenka will demonstrate the carving and manipulation of marionettes and glove puppets, from 12-3pm on both days.
A small number of puppets will be available to purchase.

Prague Marionettes come to Mill Bridge Gallery

Northern England Friends of BADART

7th Oct 17 – 4th Nov 17

The BADART project was set up in 2016. It is an international organisation. In the editorial of its first journal it stated, “We want to fight for access to the arts for all. We want to protect art’s freedom to be itself, whatever genre it falls into. But above all we want to fight for a world where art, artists and all working people can truly flourish.”

Dedicated to fighting against the closure of libraries, museums, community projects and other public sector services, the participants in this exhibition provide thought provoking and challenging ideas. Additionally, this show also confronts our general perceptions in regard to such concepts as “Socialist art” or “Socialist Realism.”

Bringing together a variety of participants, including artists who have exhibited in London and International galleries, there are others who are exhibiting locally for the first time.

Using a wide range of visual mediums, including paintings, cartoons, and sculptural boxes, this show displays a variety of styles and processes.

The preview of the exhibition is on the 6th October from 6.30pm. The artists will be present on the evening. Please contact the gallery for more information.

Northern England Friends of BADART

Northern Stars

18th Nov 16 – 24th Dec 16

A winter exhibition of new work by a selection of our gallery artists. Perfect for discovering a unique Christmas gift, for someone special.....maybe just for you!

Image "Pendle in Winter" by Paul Edmondson

Northern Stars

Imagined Urbanscapes

11th Jun 16 – 16th Jul 16

| Imagined Urbanscapes features Daniel Shiel’s latest photographic work; a response to psychogeographical adventures into forgotten and overlooked urban landscapes and the wastelands at the border of urban and rural environments.

Daniel extracts specific details from photographic images, isolates them from their original context and combines them into fresh and unfamiliar landscapes. The resulting structures have a surreal quality and become remote landscapes and settings of questionable and unsettling perspective and narrative.

‘This is an artist that is intrigued by aspects of our lives, our communities, our environment, places that seem to remain largely invisible to us, whether as objects, structures, or parts of structures. He explores places that seem to so easily become part of the overlooked, the unseen, and in many cases, the unseeing.’

John Hopper (Inspirational 9, 2016)

Imagined Urbanscapes

Dales of a Perilous Realm

27th Feb 16 – 9th Apr 16

An exhibition of work by artist John Cockshaw.

Inspired by the epic writing of JRR Tolkien, this collection of digital photomontage supplemented by occasional drawings presents a very subtle approach to the subject of Fantasy. The dramatic force of nature and the characteristics of a given landscape are emphasised over fantastic events or characters. The frame of reference is 19th Century Romantic Painting, a lush sense of the cinematic and a loving tribute to Yorkshire beauty spots.

Guest contributor and Archaeologist Shaun Richardson exhibits detailed 'invented' archaeological drawings of Middle-earth that make reference to locations in The Yorkshire Dales

Dales of a Perilous Realm

Lane and Towpath; The Past's Influence on the Present.

17th Oct 15 – 28th Nov 15

|A solo exhibition by skipton artist Carolyn Hird-Rogers.

Initially trained and working as a ceramic designer, Carolyn's love of line and structure has led to her developing a digital drawing style. Inspired by the semi-rural environment of Skipton on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, images emerge from the landscape to be re-created on greeting cards and framed prints, capturing the essence of the wild beauty found here. Her exhibition at Mill Bridge Gallery developed from images taken over a period of time along one particular track. Running alongside the Leeds - Liverpool canal it was an ancient route for the monks of centuries past to travel along, and its wild plants and animals feature in her current work.

Lane and Towpath; The Past's Influence on the Present.

Lane and Towpath; The Past's Influence on the Present.

Travel On The Edge

4th Jul 15 – 29th Aug 15

A solo exhibition by Judy Sale

Judy's vibrant, bold mixed media canvasses were made after recent travels to Thailand, Laos and Bali, and also at her past home in Italy and current home in Yorkshire. Digital photographs, oils, acrylics, and charcoal are applied freely using her favourite tools: palette knives and fingers!

Travel On The Edge

North Yorkshire Open Studios with the work of sculptor Geoff Rushton

6th Jun 15 – 14th Jun 15

Sat 6th - Sun 7th June and Sat 13th - Sun 14th June

We will be exhibiting the work of sculptor Geoff Rushton as part of North Yorkshire Open Studios. Geoff is an abstract sculptor working mostly with wood from windfallen trees which he gets from the fields surrounding his home. His sculptures reflect his interests in biology, growth, patterns in nature, insects and science fiction. His latest work focuses on showing off the grain of the wood as well as patterns and textures created using a wood-burning pen, he has also created some new fungal and human form pieces.

Find out more at nyos.org.uk

North Yorkshire Open Studios with the work of sculptor Geoff Rushton

‘Searching for the Marvellous in an Age of Isolation, Fear and Hate‘

21st Mar 15 – 25th Apr 15

The Surrealist-inspired photo-collages of Peter Harris.

‘Searching for the Marvellous in an Age of Isolation, Fear and Hate‘

Other Animals

1st Nov 14 – 20th Dec 14

A fund-raising preview/exhibition for Craven RSPCA. Guest photographic group ‘Over the Moon’ and Mill Bridge Gallery photographers and sculptors present a variety of artwork reflecting the diversity and beauty of other species who inhabit our world, and our often inconsistent relationship with them.

Manchester Buy Art Fair

25th Sep 14 – 28th Sep 14

Margaret Hockney Scannergraphs: A Retrospective

16th Aug 14 – 27th Sep 14

North Yorkshire Open Studios

7th Jun 14 – 8th Jun 14

Escaping the Dark Room

3rd May 14 – 31st May 14

A solo exhibition by artist and photographer Paul Edmondson.

'Same but different' Art fair

12th Apr 14 – 13th Apr 14 Temple Newsham

We had a stand at this new Northern art fair, displaying a variety of work

Changing Seasons

15th Feb 14 – 29th Mar 14

Photography and sculpture to brighten winter days.


9th Nov 13 – 21st Dec 13

A selection of our artists‘ favourite works in black and white.

Manchester Buy Art Fair

26th Sep 13 – 29th Sep 13

Manchester Buy Art Fair

Yorkshire: Town and Country

27th Jul 13 – 31st Aug 13

An exhibition of photography and sculpture capturing the contrasting landscapes of the county of Yorkshire. Part of Skipton‘s Yorkshire Day celebrations (August 1st-4th).

North Yorkshire Open Studios Exhibition

8th Jun 13 – 16th Jun 13

Featuring sculpture by Ken Jaquiery, Geoff Rushton, and photography by Tony Crossland.

Harrogate Spring Flower Show

25th Apr 13 – 28th Apr 13 Harrogate Spring Flower Show

Harrogate Spring Flower Show

Solo Exhibition by Darrell Evanes, Sculptor

30th Mar 13 – 25th May 13

Solo Exhibition by Darrell Evanes, Sculptor

Working the View

3rd Nov 12 – 22nd Dec 12

A selection of images from the joint project by Mark Butler (photographer) and Sarah Butler (writer).
The final set of images will form a book of landscape photographs of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, with accompanying texts exploring the relationship between the landscape and its guardians.

The Great British Summer

30th Jun 12 – 18th Aug 12

Seen through the lens of a selection of our photographers.

America North to South

3rd Mar 12 – 21st Apr 12

A variety of images reflecting landscape and life on a diverse continent, featuring guest photographer Juan Sebastian Pinilla.

America North to South

Northern Freeze

12th Nov 11 – 14th Jan 12

A seasonal exhibition by local photographers.

Opening Night

1st Sep 11 – 2nd Sep 11

Opening Night

Opening Night